7- Day Challenge

Let's detox our bodies and start prepping for 2020. After you indulge in your Holiday meal, this will help bring your body back to health. 

Grounded Yoni Collection

Rejuvenation Gift Box

 These Yoni Collection are infused with herbal oil blend with a shea butter. These oils have anti bacterial properties that prevents all bacteria and infections including BV, yeast infection and bad odors. Our Yoni Collection will provide freshness and help with vagina pH balance.  


14 Day Cleanse

This will get you ready for Jan 1, Detox Program


14 DAY Cleanse12/1 - 12/15

Click the Link Below: 

Will Eliminate toxins and support your immune system

Including in the 14- Day Cleanse

· A PDF detailing the benefits of a cleanse and what to expect while cleansing.

· A 14 day menu including daily instructions, recipes, and shopping lists.

· A suggestive timeline to follow throughout the day to provide the body with essential minerals.


· Fresh Electric Juices

· Electric Juice Blends

· Warm Soups

· Salads With Electric Dressings

· Fresh Fruits

All Sales Are Final

This cleanse will assist with

· Diabetes

· Parasites

· Ineffective Energy

· High Blood Pressure

· High Cholesterol

· Weight loss

· Hormonal problems.

· Muscle/joint pain

· Heart Disease