Layna Duncan

 This is the best group of like minded people looking for ideas, recipes, knowledge of food, self, support and the admin Kenda is the most sweetest and generous person I've met in a group like this! 

Laura Steele

 Ambrosia Food For Thought Products, were just as amazing as I thought they would be. I give them 2 Thumbs Up and A Snap! I love it. 

Fe Fe Cole

 19 days of a 21 day fast and this is the best I’ve ever felt. The fast requires only herbs, a gallon of spring water per a day and smoothies. Now I admit—I slipped up from time-to-time, but I conquered it. The meats were easy to let go of, but the sugars were a challenge. After about a week into it, I stopped craving for sugar.
I give all thanks to my social media friend Kenda, my husband, kids and myself for helping me to become the new me. I feel brand new!!! I pray that I remain health conscious when eating. Honestly, I know I will because I’m claiming it! 

Tenly Smith

Love the free gift!!!! Fast shipping and quality - Thank You 

Donnetta Marshall

So Excited to have received my items from Ambrosia Food For Thought.

Sherita Prentiss

OMG Thank you for my energizer herbs, definitely needed it, this fis my pre-workout before hitting the gym.